Monday, February 29, 2016

Guide Rail Makes Tripper or Bucket Elevator Perform Better

Guide rail is made of metal or other material to become groove or ridge which is a device that can withstand, fix and guide mobile device or reduce their friction. Longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of guide rail is used for guiding or fixing machine parts. Moreover, it is also known as sliding rail or linear guides, used in the occasion of linear reciprocating motion. It has a higher rated load and can assume certain torque. At the same time, high-precision linear motion can be achieved in the case of high load.
Guide rail provides a precise operation track for the conveyor tripper car. Matched with the belt conveyor, conveyor tripper car can achieve the aim of discharging materials at any points in the certain length of belt conveyor through moving back and forth on the guide rail.
In general, guide rail is installed in the head, tail and middle part of chain bucket elevator. Also, it is usually made of wear-resistant steel and its surface is quite smooth, so on the one hand it can lessen the friction between chain and guide rail and reduce components depreciation rates, on the other hand it can prevent the chain being off tracking, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials efficiently.
PK Machinery adopts the best quality guide rail which is manufactured by Ma'anshan Iron&Steel that is best rail manufacturer in China, and it is used for conveyor tripper car and bucket elevator.