Wednesday, March 2, 2016

4 key factors decide the function of bucket elevator

 Bucket elevator can be installed singly or in a system, in order to meet the needs of the site and materials forms. The main parameter of the bucket elevator is according to the handling system, loading and unloading location conditions, production process and the characteristics of transported material,main aspects are as follows:
1. Conveying capacity: it means the amount per hour, usually calculated in weight or volume.
2. Conveying speed: improving the speed can increase the elevating capacity. Especially when use the belt bucket elevator for long distance transporting,it needs to improve the conveying speed, but if use chain bucket elevator you should not, in case of enlarging the burden.
3. Pats dimension: the dimension of parts include belt width, plate width, bucket volume, channel diameters and so on, these dimensions will have an impact on the conveying capacity.
4. Conveying distance: the total distance will have an impact on the total resistance and power

Monday, February 29, 2016

Guide Rail Makes Tripper or Bucket Elevator Perform Better

Guide rail is made of metal or other material to become groove or ridge which is a device that can withstand, fix and guide mobile device or reduce their friction. Longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of guide rail is used for guiding or fixing machine parts. Moreover, it is also known as sliding rail or linear guides, used in the occasion of linear reciprocating motion. It has a higher rated load and can assume certain torque. At the same time, high-precision linear motion can be achieved in the case of high load.
Guide rail provides a precise operation track for the conveyor tripper car. Matched with the belt conveyor, conveyor tripper car can achieve the aim of discharging materials at any points in the certain length of belt conveyor through moving back and forth on the guide rail.
In general, guide rail is installed in the head, tail and middle part of chain bucket elevator. Also, it is usually made of wear-resistant steel and its surface is quite smooth, so on the one hand it can lessen the friction between chain and guide rail and reduce components depreciation rates, on the other hand it can prevent the chain being off tracking, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials efficiently.
PK Machinery adopts the best quality guide rail which is manufactured by Ma'anshan Iron&Steel that is best rail manufacturer in China, and it is used for conveyor tripper car and bucket elevator.


Friday, January 22, 2016

Bucket Elevator Casing Embossing Process

Embossing is commonly seen in the bend place. Generally speaking, according to the force requirements ofbucket elevator middle casing, steel plate will be folded into geometric shapes (such as rectangle, etc.) or grooved shape in order to ensure and strengthen the intensity and stiffness of casing side. Through this kind of technology, it can enhance bucket elevator rigidity so that to prevent its deformation caused by uneven force. Meanwhile, material consumption and investment costs could be saved as well as to ensure the aesthetic appearance.
1. Stiffness Properties Advanced
Stiffness refers to the ability of material or structure to resist elastically deformable. The steel plate intensity and rigidity of bucket elevator casing can be enhanced by embossing process. Therefore it will reduce the casing deformation.
2. Improve Strength Properties
Strength refers to the ability of metallic materials to resist permanent deformation and fracture under the external force. Making a flute in the proper position of bucket elevator casing can increase its local intensity and reduce component breakage costs.
3. Reduce Costs
Ensuring the same intensity and rigidity, it can save steel plate dosage and reduce production costs by embossing process.

bucket elevator casing embossing

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Caution of the Bucket Elevator Selection

Bucket elevator is a kind of hoisting equipment which is extensively used for cement, chemical products, grain, slag and many other materials or products. But how much do you know about model selection of bucket elevator? Here PK Machinery will illustrate the knowledge from the following aspects:
Bucket Elevator
1. General bucket elevator tape as an ordinary rope wire rope heat tape and tape, rope tape suitable for general below 80 ℃ materials, heat-resistant wire rope tape applied to below 120 ℃ materials.
2. Taking into account the feed is uneven, uneven material block size and other factors, in selecting hoist, lift amount of margin should be larger.
3.The bucket elevator drive bracket and maintenance platform installation on the head of the shell, does not need the other set. The user should state that whether to overhaul platform according to the need.
4.The bucket elevator has a head housing flange for dust, such as conveying powder materials can be accessed by a large dust collector.
5. If the selection please provide the following parameters: the desired height, material type, size, density, temperature, moisture, feeding device name used indoors or outdoors.
6.When transporting ash materials, the bucket speed should less than 1.3 m / sec.The transmission part should be an extra design.

Model Selection of Belt Bucket Elevator
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mainly Factors about Model Selection of Bucket Elevator

As common used lifting equipment, selection of bucket elevator is effected by many factors, wrong model will give customers endless troubles. Generally, model selection of bucket elevator depends on the following factors.
1. Material shape: powder, granular or small lump material.
2. Physical property: adsorbability or viscosity, and moisture content.
3. Proportion of material: common bucket elevator parameters are designed and calculated according to the materials which mass density under 1.6. While large proportion of materials are according to tensile strength of traction and drive part.
4. Unit conveying capacity:
Generally speaking, shape of material directly determines the discharging method. It is common practice that powder materials use centrifugal discharge and gravity discharge for lump materials. In addition, different charge method determines the different type of bucket, centrifugal discharge always use shallow or arc bucket, while deep bucket for gravity discharge. The unit conveying capacity of bucket elevator is different as its different bucket type. The conveying capacity of bucket elevator is a comprehensive parameter that depends on bucket type, speed, proportion of material, property of material and number of bucket. Selection process is as follows: proportion of material, property of material, discharging method, bucket type, conveying capacity and the model.
bucket elevator supplier
 Bucket Elevator

Saturday, December 12, 2015

How Much do You Know the Reasons of Buckets Falling of Bucket Elevator?

1.Too much feeding. It will cause material blocking in the machine, and increase elevator resistance. Feeding too much is the main reason of buckets’ falling. Stop the machine immediately in the situation, and take out spile under frame. Discharge material in engine base, replace new buckets, and then start to production. Meanwhile, decrease feeding volume uniformly.
2.The position of inlet is too low. In general, bucket serve materials from inlet automatically when bucket elevator is in operation. If the position of inlet is too low, buckets may have no time to serve materials and then most materials into engine base. However, materials are lump, which is easy to cause the deformation and falling. Inlet position should be above the center line of return pulley.

3.Bad material of bucket with limited strength. Buckets are the bearing parts of bucket elevator, and have high requirements on buckets materials. Select material with high strength when install. In general, buckets are welded or pressed by common steel plate or galvanized plates, and edges should be folded or involved in galvanized wire to enhance the strength of buckets.
4.Haven’t discharging materials in engine base when starting up. There is always down phenomenon caused by power failure or other reason in operation. And when re-start, buckets are easy falling as too much impact if no discharging materials in engine base. Therefore, must discharge materials in engine base to avoid buckets falling. In addition, check the connection of buckets and belt regular. If screw is loose or falling, or buckets are damaged, check and replace in time to avoid more accidents.

Bucket elevator

Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Solve the Problem of Hopper Belt Slipping?

1) Bucket elevator uses the friction between the hopper belt and the head wheel drive shaft to lifting material. If the hopper belt strength is not enough the hopper belt will slip. At this time, you should shut down the machine immediately and adjust the take-up unit to tension the hopper belt. If the take-up unit can’t make the hopper belt fully tension, this shows that the take-up unit work distance is too short, you should re-adjusted it.

Solution: Open the joint of hopper belt, adjust the take-up unit in on the tail wheel to the highest position, put the hopper belt via head of elevator, threading head wheel and tail wheel and connected tail and head well, then the hopper belt will keep the tension but not fully tension state. In this case adjustment spindle of the take-up unit work distance should not less than 50% of the whole work distance.
Bucket elevator
2) When bucket elevator is overloading, the resistance torque will be increased and make the hopper belt slipping. In this case, you should reduce the feeding material and try to feeding uniformly. If it didn’t work, then the possible reason is there is too many material piled up in the base or hopper locked by the piled up material. At this time, you should shut down the machine and begin troubleshooting process.

 If the inner surface of head drive shaft and hopper belt is too smooth, then the friction between them will be reduced, which will caused the hopper belt slipping. In this case, you can spread a thin layer on their inner surface to increase the friction.

 The bearing of head and tail wheel occurs inefficient rotating will increased resistance torque and result in the hopper belt slipping. At this time, you can open, wash, oiling the bearing or change the bearing.
Bucket elevator