Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to reduce the cost of bucket elevator effectively

Bucket elevator is widely used in the industrial production. And its facility cost and operation cost have become an an important part of enterprise production costs, account a large proportion. So we can reduce the cost through the corresponding way.

1. First of all, the type of bucket elevator must be suitable. We should know whether the power and conveying chain is suitable for material. If the model is too large, it maybe cause a waste of space;but if the model is too small, it will cause a waste of energy because it must divide material several times to lift. 

2. Choose good quality equipment which the structure is easy to install and repair. And then it will reduce the loss that caused by damaging. Moreover, we must do the regular maintain so that we can reduce the damage of equipment.

3.We can calculate the optimal dosage when we operate the machine, so that we can ensure that the device has a high efficiency of conveyoring.

These measures can reduce the cost of bucket elevator effectively. In addition, our company have a good after sale service system that it can make its value improve further,which helps to reduce the cost of lifting machine. In this way, the end-user will have more confidence to buy our products, and the user's interests can be protected.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The introduction of plate chain bucket elevator

 Plate chain bucket elevator is the most widely application vertically lifting equipment.It can apply to convey medium,large and abrasive material,such as limestone,cement clinker,lump coal,etc..And the temperature of material should be no more than 250℃.
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1.Large transport capacity:The lifting capacity is 100-1000m3/h;
2.Small drive power:It uses flow-through to feed material and inducement type to discharge material.And high-capacity hopper lays out densely.Therefore,there is little phenomenon of feeding material back or digging material.And then it can save 30% power than ring chain bucket elevator;
3.Long service life:There is little phenomenon of extrusion between materials through flow type feeding.So it can reduce the situation of machine wear.Plate chain bucket elevator adopts high strength wear resistant conveyor chain so that it can prolong the service life of link chain and hopper;
4.Wide application:It not only can lift powder and granule material, but also abrasive material and material which temperature is no more than 250℃;
5.High reliability:It adopts advanced design principle and manufacturing method so that can ensure the reliability of the whole machine;
6.Good sealing:Lower pollution to environment;
7.Low comprehensive cost:Its use-cost is low because it has less power consumption and less maintenance.
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The type selection principle of bucket elevator

 The key to select the type of bucket elevator properly is that whether we can exert its service efficiency to meet the production requirements and improve production efficiency. The following aspects are how to select the type of bucket elevator.

1. Initial parameters 
Material name; Material characteristics, it includes particle size (mm), bulk density ρ(t/m3),temperature, wetness, viscosity, ect.; The actual conveying capacity Q(m3/h); Need to lifting height H(m).

2. Hopper patterns 
According to the wetness and viscosity of material, we select different Hopper patterns. Anterior wall of shallow hopper has large slant angle and small depth,so this kind of hopper is suitable for conveying wet and poor flowing property material. The anterior wall of deep hopper has small angle and large depth, sothis kind of hopper is suitable for conveying dry and good flowing property material. For the hopper with guide edge, it is suitable for conveying heavy andabrasive material.

3. Traction component types
According to lifting height and tempreture of material, we select different bucket elevator. The advantages of belt bucket elevator are low cost, operating smoothly, lower noise, ect.. Therefore, it is widely used in many industries. But its lifting height isn’t so high. On the contrary the plate chain bucket elevator hasa high lifting height, and it can lifting large lump and high tempreture material.

4. Method of  installation
According to technological requirements, we select different bucket elevator. It must add devices to support traction components when the traction componentsof inclined bucket elevator have large cable sag. So in general, we adopt rectilinear bucket elevator. When rectilinear bucket elevator can’t meet the special technological requirements, we adopt inclined bucket elevator.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Reasons for Bucket Elevator Head and Tail Wheel Wears Seriously

1.Serious wear problem is caused by the lack of lubricating oil in head to tail wheel, lubricating oil is used to reduce the effect of friction between the components, the working load of bucket elevator is focused on the two wheels, if lacks of lubricating oil, the friction will become greater, the hole that connect sprocket and main axis will be worn seriously, the head wheel and tail wheel will work in unstable condition, the lifted material will also fall down, so the head wheel and tail wheel must be well lubricated.

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2. Material particles that conveyed by the bucket elevator is relatively large, the hardness is relatively higher, there will be few materials falling off from equipment during operation, since the sprocket is bigger, the material is very easy to hit the head wheel and tail wheel, after a long period of time the wheels will be deformed, so the material size of conveying material must match with selected bucket elevator. 

3. Unsuitable construction material selection of tail wheel and head wheel, processing quality is not qualified, it is sure to have some troubles when use it, in addition, the strength for head wheel and tail wheel of the bucket elevator to bear is very large, low quality will surely has serious wear and tear with faster rate, so we must accurately calculate the pressure of sprockets to bear when the choosing head wheel and tail wheel and select appropriate metal material for processing technology to produce durable sprockets.

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