Friday, November 27, 2015

5 Things to Know about the Mechanized Silo

1.Classification: agricultural silo and industrial silo  Agricultural silo:Used to store food, feed and other granular and powdered materials  Industrial silo:Used to store coke, cement, salt, sugar and other bulk materials
2.Importance:Mechanized silo generally cost about a third higher than mechanical room of the warehouse cost, but it can shorten the material loading and unloading process, reduce the operation and maintenance costs, eliminate heavy bags of homework.So it is advantageous to the mechanization, automation of operation, thus becoming one of the main forms of granary.

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3.Installation:The discharging hopper is always installed at the bottom of the mechanized silo, the upstream is equipped with conveying equipment. When loading materials, the bulk materials will be lifted by the bucket elevator and then discharged into the horizontal belt conveyor, the belt conveyor conveys the bulk material to the silo. When discharging material, the bulk materials will be discharged to the downstream through the dump hopper,then conveyed by the horizontal belt conveyor to other place.
4.Planar shape classification:Silo plane is divided into square, rectangle, polygon and round shape, etc.Due to the circular silo wall force is reasonable, when storing materials single species or reserves is small, it should arrange with independent warehouse or a single row layout. When storing materials or reserves larger species,it should arrange in groups.The total length of the cylinder group of storehouse is generally not more than 60 meters, the total length of the square of storehouse is generally not more than 40 meters.

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5.Problems: Appropriate measures should be taken when there is large silo group length or wall force and complex ground situation, such as setting a expansion joint in order to eliminate the shrinkage stress of concrete and temperature stress effects, setting a settlement joint to avoid uneven settlement influence due to huge load difference from different parts of the structure itself or the bearing capacity of foundation soil have obvious differences, setting an earthquake cracks in order to reduce earthquake damage. 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Much Do You Know about Model Selection of Bucket Elevator?

 How Much Do You Know about Model Selection of Bucket Elevator?
Bucket elevator is a kind of hoisting equipment which is extensively used for cement, chemical products, grain, slag and many other materials or products. But how much do you know about model selection of bucket elevator? Here PK Machinery will illustrate the knowledge from the following aspects:
1. Materials
A.Name of material:_____
B.Density of material:_____t/m3
C.Particle size:_____mm
D.Handling capacity:_____t/h
E.Water content of material:_____%
F.Material temperature:_____℃
2. Height
A.Lifting length(distance between inlet and outlet):_____m
B.Outline height of bucket elevator:_____m
C.Distance between shaft of head drum and tail drum(shaft of chain wheel):_____m
3.Driving Device
A.Brand:domestic or imported?
4.Other Parameters
A.Working condition, indoor or outdoor?
B.What is the upstream and downstream equipment?
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What You Should Know about the Bucket Elevator When Installing

What You Should Know about the Bucket Elevator When Installing

Bucket elevator is a new equipment which is used for lifting materials vertically.So it can be widely used in mining,cement,power plant,metallurgy,chemical,etc..But how to install the bucket elevator safely,the notices are as follows:

1.Pay attention to the casing installation of the bucket elevator

When installing the bucket elevator,you should install the lower parts and fixed anchor bolt first,and then install the middle casing and upper casing.During the installation,high altitude bucket elevator in which part of the machine and the appropriate position of the upper casing should together with its neighboring buildings in order to increase its stability.After installing the casing successfully,you should adjust the perpendicularity correctly.


2.Pay attention to the chain and hopper installation of the bucket elevator

Hopper is connected with U screw,which is chain joint and fixed part of a hopper.The nuts of the U screw must be tightened and reliable locking.After installing,you should adjust them with a proper tension.

3.Adding appropriate amount of oil 

Reducer should use the industrial gear oil lubrication.
Within the bearing seat should use the sodium calcium base or butter.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Install the Asbestos Tape in the Bucket Elevator?

How to Install the Asbestos Tape in the Bucket Elevator?

In the process of the installation of the bucket elevator,in order to prevent the leakage of dust, pollute the environment,our engineer always using the asbestos tape in the bucket elevator.Here we will introduce the detailed information as follows.


Why the asbestos tape has such good sealing?That's mostly because the asbestos tape is woven with high quality stone cotton yarn.Asbestos tape is suitable for various thermal equipment for heat preservation, heat insulation material or processed into other asbestos products.

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A good sealing plays an important role in the installation quality of the bucket elevator.  Asbestos Tape is the best choice of sealing material, which is installed on the casing flange joints.What you should pay attention is that you should put the asbestos tape into the interface before connecting flange, and then connecting the bolts.