Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Much Do You Know about Model Selection of Bucket Elevator?

 How Much Do You Know about Model Selection of Bucket Elevator?
Bucket elevator is a kind of hoisting equipment which is extensively used for cement, chemical products, grain, slag and many other materials or products. But how much do you know about model selection of bucket elevator? Here PK Machinery will illustrate the knowledge from the following aspects:
1. Materials
A.Name of material:_____
B.Density of material:_____t/m3
C.Particle size:_____mm
D.Handling capacity:_____t/h
E.Water content of material:_____%
F.Material temperature:_____℃
2. Height
A.Lifting length(distance between inlet and outlet):_____m
B.Outline height of bucket elevator:_____m
C.Distance between shaft of head drum and tail drum(shaft of chain wheel):_____m
3.Driving Device
A.Brand:domestic or imported?
4.Other Parameters
A.Working condition, indoor or outdoor?
B.What is the upstream and downstream equipment?
Above mentioned model selection parameters are essential,if you have other special requirements,please let us know . More information or any interest, please visit www.pkmachinery.com 

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