Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Solution to Solve Blockage of Bucket Elevator

If there is blockage, please stop feeding material immediately, if serious ,please stop the machine and check the cause of blockage. Please use a shovel or special tools to clear up the blocked materials instead of hands.

belt bucket elevator

1.If blockage is caused by big lump material entering into the base , please stop machine ,remove big lump materials and plugging materials.
2.If blockage is caused by insufficient tension of bucket belt, please adjust the tension after removing plugging materials. 
3.If blockage is caused by large feed flow rate which exceeds the bucket elevator capacity, please adjust the control valve or use other methods to control the flow rate after removing plugging materials .
4.If blockage is caused by feed before start-up, please remove plugging materials, start up the bucket elevator again and operate in strict accordance with the rules. You can only feed the materials after non-load running is normal.  

cement bucket elevator

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