Friday, January 22, 2016

Bucket Elevator Casing Embossing Process

Embossing is commonly seen in the bend place. Generally speaking, according to the force requirements ofbucket elevator middle casing, steel plate will be folded into geometric shapes (such as rectangle, etc.) or grooved shape in order to ensure and strengthen the intensity and stiffness of casing side. Through this kind of technology, it can enhance bucket elevator rigidity so that to prevent its deformation caused by uneven force. Meanwhile, material consumption and investment costs could be saved as well as to ensure the aesthetic appearance.
1. Stiffness Properties Advanced
Stiffness refers to the ability of material or structure to resist elastically deformable. The steel plate intensity and rigidity of bucket elevator casing can be enhanced by embossing process. Therefore it will reduce the casing deformation.
2. Improve Strength Properties
Strength refers to the ability of metallic materials to resist permanent deformation and fracture under the external force. Making a flute in the proper position of bucket elevator casing can increase its local intensity and reduce component breakage costs.
3. Reduce Costs
Ensuring the same intensity and rigidity, it can save steel plate dosage and reduce production costs by embossing process.

bucket elevator casing embossing

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