Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Caution of the Bucket Elevator Selection

Bucket elevator is a kind of hoisting equipment which is extensively used for cement, chemical products, grain, slag and many other materials or products. But how much do you know about model selection of bucket elevator? Here PK Machinery will illustrate the knowledge from the following aspects:
Bucket Elevator
1. General bucket elevator tape as an ordinary rope wire rope heat tape and tape, rope tape suitable for general below 80 ℃ materials, heat-resistant wire rope tape applied to below 120 ℃ materials.
2. Taking into account the feed is uneven, uneven material block size and other factors, in selecting hoist, lift amount of margin should be larger.
3.The bucket elevator drive bracket and maintenance platform installation on the head of the shell, does not need the other set. The user should state that whether to overhaul platform according to the need.
4.The bucket elevator has a head housing flange for dust, such as conveying powder materials can be accessed by a large dust collector.
5. If the selection please provide the following parameters: the desired height, material type, size, density, temperature, moisture, feeding device name used indoors or outdoors.
6.When transporting ash materials, the bucket speed should less than 1.3 m / sec.The transmission part should be an extra design.

Model Selection of Belt Bucket Elevator
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