Saturday, July 18, 2015

The introduction of plate chain bucket elevator

 Plate chain bucket elevator is the most widely application vertically lifting equipment.It can apply to convey medium,large and abrasive material,such as limestone,cement clinker,lump coal,etc..And the temperature of material should be no more than 250℃.
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1.Large transport capacity:The lifting capacity is 100-1000m3/h;
2.Small drive power:It uses flow-through to feed material and inducement type to discharge material.And high-capacity hopper lays out densely.Therefore,there is little phenomenon of feeding material back or digging material.And then it can save 30% power than ring chain bucket elevator;
3.Long service life:There is little phenomenon of extrusion between materials through flow type feeding.So it can reduce the situation of machine wear.Plate chain bucket elevator adopts high strength wear resistant conveyor chain so that it can prolong the service life of link chain and hopper;
4.Wide application:It not only can lift powder and granule material, but also abrasive material and material which temperature is no more than 250℃;
5.High reliability:It adopts advanced design principle and manufacturing method so that can ensure the reliability of the whole machine;
6.Good sealing:Lower pollution to environment;
7.Low comprehensive cost:Its use-cost is low because it has less power consumption and less maintenance.
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