Thursday, July 16, 2015

The type selection principle of bucket elevator

 The key to select the type of bucket elevator properly is that whether we can exert its service efficiency to meet the production requirements and improve production efficiency. The following aspects are how to select the type of bucket elevator.

1. Initial parameters 
Material name; Material characteristics, it includes particle size (mm), bulk density ρ(t/m3),temperature, wetness, viscosity, ect.; The actual conveying capacity Q(m3/h); Need to lifting height H(m).

2. Hopper patterns 
According to the wetness and viscosity of material, we select different Hopper patterns. Anterior wall of shallow hopper has large slant angle and small depth,so this kind of hopper is suitable for conveying wet and poor flowing property material. The anterior wall of deep hopper has small angle and large depth, sothis kind of hopper is suitable for conveying dry and good flowing property material. For the hopper with guide edge, it is suitable for conveying heavy andabrasive material.

3. Traction component types
According to lifting height and tempreture of material, we select different bucket elevator. The advantages of belt bucket elevator are low cost, operating smoothly, lower noise, ect.. Therefore, it is widely used in many industries. But its lifting height isn’t so high. On the contrary the plate chain bucket elevator hasa high lifting height, and it can lifting large lump and high tempreture material.

4. Method of  installation
According to technological requirements, we select different bucket elevator. It must add devices to support traction components when the traction componentsof inclined bucket elevator have large cable sag. So in general, we adopt rectilinear bucket elevator. When rectilinear bucket elevator can’t meet the special technological requirements, we adopt inclined bucket elevator.
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