Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to reduce the cost of bucket elevator effectively

Bucket elevator is widely used in the industrial production. And its facility cost and operation cost have become an an important part of enterprise production costs, account a large proportion. So we can reduce the cost through the corresponding way.

1. First of all, the type of bucket elevator must be suitable. We should know whether the power and conveying chain is suitable for material. If the model is too large, it maybe cause a waste of space;but if the model is too small, it will cause a waste of energy because it must divide material several times to lift. 

2. Choose good quality equipment which the structure is easy to install and repair. And then it will reduce the loss that caused by damaging. Moreover, we must do the regular maintain so that we can reduce the damage of equipment.

3.We can calculate the optimal dosage when we operate the machine, so that we can ensure that the device has a high efficiency of conveyoring.

These measures can reduce the cost of bucket elevator effectively. In addition, our company have a good after sale service system that it can make its value improve further,which helps to reduce the cost of lifting machine. In this way, the end-user will have more confidence to buy our products, and the user's interests can be protected.

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