Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Solve the Insufficient Lifting Capacity Problem of Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator offers a good help for conveying material in the factory, however, many users may doubt that why the actual work efficiency is not as good as they expected, such as insufficient lifting capacity problem, here PK Machinery will introduce some methods to increase the bucket elevator capacity in following six aspects:
1.increase the elevator speed, change the driving wheel transmission ratio
2.increase the downstream equipment capacity of bucket elevator
3. make sure the buckets are full of material.

hoisting capacity of bucket elevators
4. clean the sticky materials on the buckets and wheels regularly 
5. fix and correct the chute of discharging outlet
6. avoid material inside the buckets return back
Solving the lifting capacity problem of bucket elevator effectively can not only solve the conveying efficiency for the users, but also can meet the production requirements, in our daily life of operation, please pay attention to this problem !

chute of discharging outlet

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