Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Plate Chain Bucket Elevator You should know

TB Plate Chain Gravel Bucket Elevator has an opening bin below for storing material, when the motor driving the endless chain (chain or belt) through the chute, the hopper fixed in the chain of plate (chain or belt) bring the material to the discharging opening, in this way it continuously convey the material.
     It adopts plate sleeve roller chain as the traction components , gravity type discharge material. Apply to middle, big block etc grinding material, which density is less than 2t/m3. Material temperature is less than 250℃ , capacity can reach 395m3/h , lifting height is approx. 5~50m . Vertical bucket elevator are highly resistant to wear and can be placed indoor as well as outdoor.
Working principle 
Hopper scoops up materials from the stone bucket below, then is lifted to the top with the conveyor belt or chain, and next it is downward rolled over bypass the wheel on the top and the materials are dumped into the accept slot now by bucket chain or hoist conveyor, and the whole process is over. The driving band of bucket elevator with driver is commonly made of rubber, and it is installed below or above the drive roller and the divert roller. The chain-drive bucket elevator is generally equipped with two parallel transmission chain, on which above or below is a drive sprocket and a divert sprocket. Continuous Chain or Belt Bucket Elevator for Cement are generally equipped with chassis to prevent the dust flying into the bucket elevator.
    1,Application widely, not only lifting the common powder, granular and block material, but also lifting the high grinding material;
    2,Low driving power, low energy consumption, energy conservation;
    3,For lifting same material, energy consumption is 1/3~1/2 compared with the link chain bucket elevator;
    4,The whole machine with full sealed design, no dust pollution while running;
    5,The machine housing case adopt embossing structure, better stiffness, high precision, good-looking appearance;
    1.Bucket elevator machine applys to powder, granular, lump material, the density is less than 1.5t/m3
    2.Material temperature is less than 60 ℃, if adopt heat-resistance rubber belt, the material temperature is less than 200 ℃
    3.Driven device configuration could save much space, light weight, with backstop, low noise, running steady.
    4.4 kinds bucket type could meet different particle sizes material.
    5.Customized lifting height. 
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