Saturday, August 1, 2015

Belt Bucket Elevator Transport Shape Matherial for Glass

Belt bucket elevator is designed for transporting vertically for granular, powder and small block of grinding suction smaller disperses the shape material. It adopts belt as the traction component , can reach to max.40 meters . Capacity could be approx. 4~238m3/h .
The bucket is filled with material and is conveyed to the head terminal, and then the material is thrown from the outlet under the action of centrifugal force according to the parabolic design. The driving device drives pulley to operate the bucket belt in circular motion from bottom to up. After discharging, the empty bucket is back to the boot by conveying and be filled again, and then lifted up to do parabolic motion such repeated cycle. The material is lifted from bottom to the top to the specified height to reach conveying vertically.
1.Smooth transmission – no impact caused due to the traction member
2.Less noise pollution – good sealing sound system
3.Greater conveying speed due to smooth transmission
4.Longer life span
5.Low cost compared with other conveyor for powder materials.
The vertical belt bucket elevator is widely used in mining , metallurgy , chemicals , power plant , agriculture and quarry etc industries for handling products such as cement, raw meal, alumina, coke, foundry sand, wood chips and other materials.
A general belt bucket elevatorinspection every six months, mainly on the hopper and belt tightening bolt joints check processing, tightening or replacing bolts. Each belt test once a year to confirm the age of the plastic surface of the belt and the belt strength. Adjust the level of the cylinder head and tail roller to correct the belt deviation. If the deviation is caused by drum plastic surface wear, re-roll the car hanging plastic and rubber surfaces. The rear bearing need to regularly check. Generally, after a long time usage, it will cause wear on slip ring seal. This can cause the bearing oil drip and caused bearing damage. Generally, a good slip ring seal can be used for many years.
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