Saturday, December 12, 2015

How Much do You Know the Reasons of Buckets Falling of Bucket Elevator?

1.Too much feeding. It will cause material blocking in the machine, and increase elevator resistance. Feeding too much is the main reason of buckets’ falling. Stop the machine immediately in the situation, and take out spile under frame. Discharge material in engine base, replace new buckets, and then start to production. Meanwhile, decrease feeding volume uniformly.
2.The position of inlet is too low. In general, bucket serve materials from inlet automatically when bucket elevator is in operation. If the position of inlet is too low, buckets may have no time to serve materials and then most materials into engine base. However, materials are lump, which is easy to cause the deformation and falling. Inlet position should be above the center line of return pulley.

3.Bad material of bucket with limited strength. Buckets are the bearing parts of bucket elevator, and have high requirements on buckets materials. Select material with high strength when install. In general, buckets are welded or pressed by common steel plate or galvanized plates, and edges should be folded or involved in galvanized wire to enhance the strength of buckets.
4.Haven’t discharging materials in engine base when starting up. There is always down phenomenon caused by power failure or other reason in operation. And when re-start, buckets are easy falling as too much impact if no discharging materials in engine base. Therefore, must discharge materials in engine base to avoid buckets falling. In addition, check the connection of buckets and belt regular. If screw is loose or falling, or buckets are damaged, check and replace in time to avoid more accidents.

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