Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mainly Factors about Model Selection of Bucket Elevator

As common used lifting equipment, selection of bucket elevator is effected by many factors, wrong model will give customers endless troubles. Generally, model selection of bucket elevator depends on the following factors.
1. Material shape: powder, granular or small lump material.
2. Physical property: adsorbability or viscosity, and moisture content.
3. Proportion of material: common bucket elevator parameters are designed and calculated according to the materials which mass density under 1.6. While large proportion of materials are according to tensile strength of traction and drive part.
4. Unit conveying capacity:
Generally speaking, shape of material directly determines the discharging method. It is common practice that powder materials use centrifugal discharge and gravity discharge for lump materials. In addition, different charge method determines the different type of bucket, centrifugal discharge always use shallow or arc bucket, while deep bucket for gravity discharge. The unit conveying capacity of bucket elevator is different as its different bucket type. The conveying capacity of bucket elevator is a comprehensive parameter that depends on bucket type, speed, proportion of material, property of material and number of bucket. Selection process is as follows: proportion of material, property of material, discharging method, bucket type, conveying capacity and the model.
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