Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Solve the Problem of Hopper Belt Slipping?

1) Bucket elevator uses the friction between the hopper belt and the head wheel drive shaft to lifting material. If the hopper belt strength is not enough the hopper belt will slip. At this time, you should shut down the machine immediately and adjust the take-up unit to tension the hopper belt. If the take-up unit can’t make the hopper belt fully tension, this shows that the take-up unit work distance is too short, you should re-adjusted it.

Solution: Open the joint of hopper belt, adjust the take-up unit in on the tail wheel to the highest position, put the hopper belt via head of elevator, threading head wheel and tail wheel and connected tail and head well, then the hopper belt will keep the tension but not fully tension state. In this case adjustment spindle of the take-up unit work distance should not less than 50% of the whole work distance.
Bucket elevator
2) When bucket elevator is overloading, the resistance torque will be increased and make the hopper belt slipping. In this case, you should reduce the feeding material and try to feeding uniformly. If it didn’t work, then the possible reason is there is too many material piled up in the base or hopper locked by the piled up material. At this time, you should shut down the machine and begin troubleshooting process.

 If the inner surface of head drive shaft and hopper belt is too smooth, then the friction between them will be reduced, which will caused the hopper belt slipping. In this case, you can spread a thin layer on their inner surface to increase the friction.

 The bearing of head and tail wheel occurs inefficient rotating will increased resistance torque and result in the hopper belt slipping. At this time, you can open, wash, oiling the bearing or change the bearing.
Bucket elevator

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