Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Right Way to Install the Bucket Elevator

1.Before the installation you should fixed base firstly, base should be fixed on the reliable basis, then connected to the machine base barrel step by step, finally connecting the handpiece and installing gear motor.

Bucket Elevator Bearing
2.After installation and alignment the whole machinery, you should make sure that barrels across the floor and must be fixed with the floor, if it has attachment then you should install bearing housing bracket to prevent the whole machine tilt and displacement.
Bottom Section

3.In order to ensure seal the barrels connection allows to use the barrel gasket.
bucket elevator inspection window
Inspection Window
4.Hopper should installed on the hopper belt as required, hopper belt with hopper were placed from both ends of the handpiece. When you install the hopper belt, you should raise the bottom wheel to the highest position.
Middle Section
5.Aligning the head wheel shaft to horizontal, and make the head and tail wheel shaft are located within a unified vertical tail plane.
6.Bucket elevator is one kind of vertical transportation equipment, head wheel, bottom wheel, and barrels should be sought in the same vertical line; the deviation per meter length should not more than 2 mm, the accumulation of deviation should not more than 8 mm.

bucket elevator manufacturer
Bucket Elevator
7.Hopper mounted in the elevator, there should not happen deviation result in the housing crash 
8.The hopper belt tensioning device should ensure the necessary uniform tension during normal work.
9.After finish the elevator installation, you should filled every lubrication part with oil lubrication, before the loading test and put into production you should make sure that the no-load test can normal work.

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